Teaching Assistant: History 432, International Relations in the 20th Century

In the 2022/23 term, I am a Teaching Assistant for History 432, the history of international relations from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present, addressing questions of war, peace, balance of power, and the evolution of the international system in global economic, cultural, and social contexts.

Guest Lectures and Presentations

Guest Lectures and Presentations include: “Teaching techniques for the first class: establishing dynamics and facilitating discussion”; “The Third (Communist) International and the Fourth (Trotskyist) International”; “The Soviet Union, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Kuomintang”; “Russian revolutions.”

Soviet History Wikipedia Project

In the spring of 2021, students of History 350 (Soviet Union), selected Wikipedia stub pages from a list I provided, expanding the pages based on sources they had used in the course and additional sources specific to the topic. After reviewing their drafts and suggesting edits, I asked students to publish their edits. Since that time, many pages have had their ‘stub’ status removed and other contributors have added content.